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    Peanut Butter Banana Waffles coz it’s Waffle Day!

    So apparently today is International Waffle Day! Despite the fact that I haven’t posted any waffle recipe on the blog until today, waffles actually have a special place in my heart. I love them! I love the way they look (especially the round waffles), and I love how they’re crunchy on the outside and pancake-soft on the inside. I tend to be a sucker for those kinds of things, including crusty bread. Waffles can be made in a gazillion different flavours just like pancakes, but there are days when you just want to make something low maintenance. Usually it’s the classics that are this way, don’t you agree? There are…

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    A fun way to enjoy eggs and toast

    What a crazy last few weeks it has been. I wasn’t expecting moving my whole blog to this self-hosted space to be so much work, but thanks to my OC-ness, I just had to go back and check each and every one of my posts for broken links, not to mention I just had to put all the recipes into the pretty little recipe card plugin I decided to use. It took about three weeks give or take before I could finish everything, given that I could only work for a few hours at night. (I have work the whole day until Saturday, then I inevitably fall asleep in front…

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    Driving slow on Sunday mornings

    I needed to borrow a line from Maroon 5 because it perfectly describes the Sundays I’ve been spending this last month and a half. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably sick of hearing me complain about how tired I’ve been recently. Sorry, guys. There just have been weeks when I feel so out of it that I don’t spend time in the kitchen at all (thank goodness for backlogs and former baking frenzies). I haven’t made any breads in a while which makes me sad, but I’ve gained a new appreciation for things that are quick to whip up with an equally satisfying pay-off. And since…

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    The thing about new year’s + Baked Oatmeal To-Go

    I think most people expect to feel differently every time the new year swings around; like some sort of strange, unexplainable feeling of rebirth is supposed to stir inside them. The truth is, this very rarely happens in the magnitude we imagine, and most of the time it happens depending on whether we want it to or not. Change is hardly instant. It’s something you have to work on for a period of time. It begins in the tiniest corner of the soul.