Of 10 hour road trips and empanada hangovers

During the 5-day Easter holiday weekend, the family decided to pack some bags and board the bus all the way to the Northern part of the archipelago. It was, to say the least, a road-trip filled with stiff legs and even stiffer necks, but going with a group of family friends seemed to have made the long travel somewhat bearable.

People go to Ilocos mostly for its rich historical sites. During the 16th century, the Spaniards arrived in their giant ships and began introducing Roman Catholicism to the natives. They built grand churches and bell towers that up to this day are still being visited by the devout and frequented by travellers (making it a pain to shoot photographs because of the heads popping up everywhere!).

Ilocos is also mentioned on several accounts in Philippine history books because of the many acts of resistance to colonialism made by local heroes.
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