Cookies that are the good kind of hot

Why don’t we discuss what exactly is the wrong kind of hot? Well for one, the weather in Manila right now falls under that category. I just read in the news that the temperature will only go higher in the next few days, so I guess the city is only in the preheat stage. (I am not looking forward to getting baked!) Despite my longing for permanent sweater weather, there are still some things I appreciate a bit more when they’re hot– soup or coffee to name a couple, and apparently, chilli-flavoured chocolatey things.

I don’t recall the first time I ever ate chilli-flavoured chocolates so I can’t make a comparison of whether I had been as much of a fan back then as I am now. I just find it quite genius, pairing two such contrasting tastes and somehow being able to magically produce something so interestingly pleasant.

I am fully aware that chilli-chocolate can be considered an acquired taste for some, and many don’t venture to even try it out, but I have made a delicious ice cream before with this same flavour combination and it ended up becoming one of my all-time favourite ice creams. All-time. Unfortunately I don’t always have the time to make myself some ice cream, but luckily I have found a much easier way to get my chilli chocolate fix.
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