Celebrating World Chocolate Day with a Spiced Chocolate Lava Cake [VIDEO]

Chocolate Lava Cake COVER - Celebrating World Chocolate Day with a Spiced Chocolate Lava Cake [VIDEO]

Raise your hand if you, like me, have a stash of chocolate hidden away in a place that nobody else knows about! I think my fellow chocolate-lovers reading this would agree that the world is a much much better place thanks to chocolate– in particular, bittersweet chocolate. I love them so much! I’m actually quite pleased there’s a food day dedicated to chocolate, because it certainly deserves it.

To celebrate, I decided to make what I feel is one of the simplest but most indulgent things you can make with chocolate. It features rich deep chocolate flavor through and through, and while a bit novel, it’s the sort of thing a true chocoholic will love digging into. I don’t know why I’m writing in a suspenseful manner when you all already know what I’m talking about. Chocolate Lava Cake. Simple pleasures, you know? I even made a little video to show you just how easy it is to make these.

As you can see, making a Chocolate Lava Cake isn’t terribly involved. You just mix everything into the melted chocolate-butter base and get all that into ramekins to bake. I added some chili powder to mine just to spice things up, but you can do cinnamon if you like. This recipe makes four solo servings, but one is more than enough for a single person because this dessert is so rich.

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