San Francisco and Apple Crumble Loaf Cakes

The other day I was checking my Instagram feed and I saw a friend of mine post a lovely autumn picture of orange trees lining a long road somewhere in New York. I immediately felt a bit sad, maybe just a tad jealous, mostly because I feel like I’m stuck here and she’s enjoying herself ever so much over there, living her dreams in New York’s fashion world and what-not.

Well the weather here has been sweltering and summer-like, the rays of the sun blanketing everything with a yellow reminiscent of a morning in the desert. It’s literally impossible to walk outside without squinting against the harsh sunlight and feeling it prickle against your skin. The woes of living in the tropics!

These days I find myself wishing so constantly to escape somewhere. A place where I’ve left a piece of my heart perhaps? Alas, I have no choice at the moment but to daydream and find solace in my hobbies, like baking for instance. Admittedly, it’s getting harder to make myself feel better for longer stretches of time whenever I don’t keep myself occupied.
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I could get used to these orange-coloured rolls

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more pumpkin-based pastries here in Manila (or maybe I haven’t found them yet?). My exposure to them has been close to nothing before I began blogging. I mean sure, we have some fabulous pumpkin dishes here (with coconut milk!), but the pumpkin pies and breads? Not so much, if at all. Only the best-stocked Supermarkets even have canned pumpkin here.

Aren’t people the least bit curious about all these pumpkin-y things? I only learned about canned pumpkin since I started following food blogs, and I only tasted pastries made with said canned pumpkins since I started baking and blogging myself.

See this is why I love this whole blogging experience. I feel like I have a window to the world.

These days, I don’t really need any excuse to prepare anything with pumpkin in it, but around autumn-time elsewhere in the world is when I feel most comfortable buying more cans of pumpkin than I need. My Mother always looks at me strangely when I do and I just tell her I’m compensating for this country’s lack of autumn by baking autumn-y pastries. Quite frankly she likes autumn too, so I just give her a smile and ask her, ‘Interested in some Cinnamon-Swirl Pumpkin Rolls?’
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