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    In the absence of actual apple pie– Apple Pie Muffins

    You ever have days when you get a hankering for apple pie but you’re too lazy to go through the motions of making the dough, chopping up the apples, and all that? I do. A lot of times actually. So then you might ask, ‘Why don’t you just run down to the store and buy one?’ To be honest, I haven’t found a store-bought apple pie in my neck of the woods that tastes half as good as a homemade one. So what’s a girl to do in such a situation? Well this is the part where I tell you about how this muffin would be a nice substitute for…

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    There’s sunshine and glitter in snicker doodles

    The first time I ever heard of snicker doodles, I thought, what a cute name! It’s like one of those names that practically screams happiness; as if anytime soon, someone will just swoop right in riding on a unicorn, eating a snicker doodle with an upturned pinky, all rainbows and butterflies. At the time I had no idea what a snicker doodle tasted, let alone looked, like, but I liked it. I liked the sound of it. Snicker = a half-suppressed laugh (I never could properly suppress mine!) Doodle = absent-minded scribbles and drawings (one of the things I do best haha!)