Nestle’s #Drumstickdares + a recipe for yummy Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Nestle’s ice cream department seems to be on a roll lately. After coming up with their Temptations Flavours of the World collection, (French Salted Caramel, I love you!) this time they are presenting us with something equally flavour-packed but a bit more handy. Which is to say, they have created ice cream you can carry around because it fits perfectly in your hand.

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Coned ice creams aren’t new to the market by any means, but the new Nestle #Drumstickdares to be a cut above the others. Nestle’s latest offering features bold flavours and is chock full of all the yummy add-ins we love with our ice cream. Nestle was kind enough to send me a box of their new treasures to try out, so now let’s see if indeed these new Drumsticks live up to the hype.

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Interestingly enough, the new flavours are rather fancy stuff, with names like Butter Pecan Praline, and Pistachio Almond Caramel. But they also have more classic offerings like Choco-Vanilla and Coffee-Caramel. You can click on the below photo to enlarge the image.

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When I saw these photos of the ice cream’s anatomy, I thought it would only be fair to do a comparison with the actual product. Using the Pistachio Almond Caramel Drumstick, you can see that it does indeed contain everything that the press materials say, from the nuts on top, to the caramel swirls in the ice cream itself, down to the oozing chocolate at the bottom of the cone!

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Nestle Drumsticks is actually having a promo until July 6th where you are asked to text the code on your purchased ice cream’s lid. This earns you a raffle entry for a chance to win awesome prizes! You can find the full mechanics here.

My personal favourite in the bunch is probably this Choco-Almond Vanilla Drumstick. I love chocolate, I love almonds, and of course vanilla is always great. This is essentially my nostalgia-inducing classic flavours rolled into one ice cream, so it’s understandable why I like it.

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Now if there’s a message these bold new flavours of Drumsticks is sending me, it’s that I also need to be more adventurous when it comes to the flavours of ice creams I make at home. Followers of this blog will know by now I just loooove the freedom of making interesting and unusual ice cream flavours at home, but today I’m not actually talking about something most people will find extreme or shocking in any way.

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The more I learn about dessert-making, the more curious I grow about using liquor. I have always been a bit hesitant to use liquor in anything I make because I feel like I’ll be splurging on something that might end up laying in my pantry for a long time. Nobody in the house drinks, not even when we’re having a bad day, and I can’t even tell the difference between one alcoholic beverage from the other… My point is, I have this gaping hole where knowledge when it comes to the magic of liquor in desserts is supposed to be. Luckily it’s never too late to learn!

Cozy feelings and Ginger-gingersnap Ice Cream

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Christmastime is almost upon us!

I don’t know if you know this, but Christmas season here in the Philippines starts as soon as the -ber months hits, then it ends around February (when shops begin replacing their Christmas decors in favour of Valentine’s). On the first day of September, the malls would begin playing Christmas carols already, and although my training in Marketing tells me this is a ploy to get people in a shopping mood, I can’t deny it does have a way of awakening the Christmas spirit somewhat. All the reds, greens, and yellows- not to mention the jolly tunes blasting from the speakers- have a way of lightening moods rather drastically.

As I write this, my thoughts still linger to those of autumn. I miss it rather immensely this year; enough to find myself a bit wistful, and so welcoming the Christmas mood this early on could give me more pleasant feelings. I am stuck between wanting to stay in the autumn mood a little longer and welcoming the Christmas mood, to be honest.

Funnily enough there is one flavour that seems as stuck between autumn and Christmas as I am- in my opinion anyway- and that would be the ginger flavour. It seems to fit into both seasons rather nicely, since it’s such a cozy and welcoming flavour. It’s both a great reminder of autumn, and a wonderful way to welcome Christmas, don’t you think?

The Super Lemon Ice Cream cure

Super Lemon

I feel like a zombie. Literally.

The days have mixed and spilled into each other since the flood; since we began trying to put things back to normal. I don’t even want to look back and count how many days it has been. A lot of people are still struggling to return to their regular routines. Right now all I have is my fatigue and my searing eyes. Sometimes I look up from whatever it is I’m cleaning and I have to think for a full minute about what day of the week it is.

Does that ever happen to you, the sensation that time seems to stretch its fingers around you and wrap you in this bubble where the things from yesterday- or even just this morning- feel so far away? You do something important one day and the next it feels like some distant achievement. Sometimes I have a conversation in the morning and contemplate about it in the afternoon like its been on my mind for a million years. It’s been happening to me a lot lately, the feeling that I am constantly being warped through different periods each waking day.

As it turns out, time travel can be very tiring. (Or is my tiredness making me time travel unknowingly?)

An easier juxtaposition against the strands of time: A scoop of Super Lemony Ice Cream every evening after dinner.

The best Chocolate Ice Cream I’ve had yet

Chocolate Ice Cream

I used to tell my little brother off for his tendency to go overly dramatic whenever he eats something he really likes. He closes his eyes and rolls it underneath his eyelids, tosses his head back, and just lets himself savor whatever it was he put in his mouth. Full unadulterated release.

I think I finally understand why he does that after I had a taste of this ice cream.

Pure. Silky. Decadent. Chocolate. These are the words that tumble through my mind whenever I eat this ice cream. It’s so creamy it literally melts in your mouth. The moment the ice cream touches your tongue, its lovely texture and full-bodied chocolate flavour seeps into every part of your senses. That’s really the best way I can describe the experience of eating this. It’s the sort of thing you don’t think about because you would be too busy mindlessly stuffing your face with it.

I imagine this will send chocolate-lovers into a coma. And just so you know, I don’t really like to say “best” anything, because it’s impossible to prove! But this is a special case, and for once I don’t mind attaching the word to a recipe I feel is the very definition of Chocolate Ice Cream if there ever was one!

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