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    Herbed Dinner Rolls for any meal of the day

    If someone ever asked me to list down what I thought were the best things in life, I reckon ‘baking bread from scratch’ would be in my top ten. If I could, I would bake a different kind of yeast bread every single day. There’s just something about it that I find so soothing. Maybe it has to do with how every moment of kneading is like a quiet moment of careful unraveling, until finally I find myself a small moment of relaxation, of peace; or how the inhibitions and tensions in my mind and body seem to leave me as I concentrate on working my dough. For a no-nonsense…

  • Baking Recipes,  Bread-making,  Yeasted breads

    Soft Garlic Knots and the joy of knotting

    When I first saw this recipe, I was immediately drawn to how intricate the breads looked. Now usually, intricate would mean hard work, but if there’s anything I learned in the world of baking it’s that there is so much more than meets the eye: a simple recipe could produce something marvelous that looks like it took forever to make; or a simple-looking dessert or pastry could have required a difficult technique that only the most experienced of chefs can execute. I happen to think this one falls into the former category.