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    My favorite memories from my weekend at Shangri-la Boracay

    It has been quite a while since I’ve last been to the beach, but it may be fair to say that the weekend I spent at Shangri-la Boracay made up for it. Last May, I went to Boracay for an event with Real California Milk Philippines. While I already knew it was going to be fun, I hadn’t expected this little getaway to be exactly what I needed at the time. It was a blessedly relaxing escape that prevented a building burnout from settling in.

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    Eat or Retreat: Can Risa Chocolate feed your inner chocolate monster? 

    If there’s one confection I can’t live without, it would be chocolate of the bittersweet variety. You can even say they’re my weakness! And so my decision to impulse buy a bunch of these Risa Chocolate bars came as no shock. The official excuse was that I wanted to sample them for a blog review, but let’s be real: I couldn’t resist them especially because they were so prettily packaged! And to be honest, I had a good feeling about that tagline below their brand. ‘A passion for chocolate’, it says.

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    Getting some homemade puto-pao satisfaction

    I’ve been slacking off, I know. But I have a perfectly good excuse: It’s the weather! Seriously though, with the arrival of the first -ber month we’ve officially entered sweater-weather territory. Aside from finally getting a chance to break out my favourite layered outfits, this weather has made the evenings utterly conducive for lounging around after a long day at work catching up on new shows like Outlander, or surfing the interwebs. Basically anything to do with not blogging, because this kind of weather has a way of activating my lazy bones. And maybe a part of me was stalling too because I haven’t yet decided what to write about…

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    Happy days and Homemade Chicken Inasal

    I really have to learn how to balance my travel diaries to encompass more documentations of food. Whenever I go exploring in a new place, I seem to get so excited over the sights that I kind of forget to chronicle the food. It was no different for my Bacolod trip. You can in fact observe from both of my previous entries that I don’t have much in the way of food there. However I would call it a major mortal sin if one went to Bacolod without so much as a taste of its signature dish, the Bacolod Chicken Inasal. We had one inasal meal at the Chicken House…

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    Brief explorations of two unique resorts in Negros

    While in Bacolod, I had the pleasure of visiting- and in the case of one, actually living in- a couple of interesting resorts in the area. To most of us, when we hear the word resort, our mind conjures the images of sand and pristine waters. And while I did have some of that on this trip (to be shared on another post!) these two resorts we visited were primarily land-based. They’re located in the mountains to be exact! Some of my favourite experiences from this trip happened in the following two places, so I decided I would just lump them together in one travel diary entry to keep the…

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    The charm of things old and new in Bacolod

    This is the first local trip I’ve been to in ages which I can rightfully describe as epic in a really good way. It was riddled with many brand new experiences for me, and for the first time this year I actually felt like I was keeping my new year’s promise to myself to try new things and to “live a little”. So for that alone this whole trip was worth all the mosquito bites and sleeplessness. Our flight to Bacolod was at 5am so we had to leave the house around 2 in the morning. Lately all my trips seem to have been punctuated by a lot of sleeplessness.…