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    The little things that bring out the big smiles

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring to big things. However I know some people who are so attached to the idea of impressive, expensive things that anything less brings them great displeasure. They seem convinced that happiness will only come with the flashy and suddenly they label everything else as unworthy. I won’t be a hypocrite; I daydream about how much better my life could be sometimes as well. But when I feel discontentment creeping up on me, I force myself to take a breath and I realise that there are things that make me smile already around me, silently accompanying me through every day. Things I would not…

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    An excuse to bring out the strawberry jam

    Once upon a time I had a craving. I went down to the kitchen and opened the pantry doors, pushing aside bottles until I found the one I was looking for: strawberry jam. I picked it up and stared at it a long time. I don’t know why I like to make life harder for myself. I could have just toasted some bread and slathered on the jam, craving satisfied, but I pushed that idea aside. As I held on to the bottle, staring at but not really seeing the label on the jam, a flicker of a memory crossed my mind.