{Dubai 2014} Things to do inside the malls in Dubai

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If you’ve ever been to the Philippines then you might be familiar with the mall culture we have over here. Sometimes my family has foreign guests who are pretty shocked at the sheer number of people milling about inside the malls even on a weekday. Given that Dubai is touted as a shopping haven it made sense that I came across a lot of Filipino shoppers. It doesn’t really matter where we go, we always make it a point to visit the malls it seems. Here in Dubai however, the malls offer enjoyment beyond simply the pleasure of shopping.

I hear the sales in Dubai are really intense (luxury brands included), but it wasn’t sale season when we arrived so I found the prices in the malls fairly similar to the Philippines for brands that are present in both countries. There was very little shopping done while we were here. (Well, except for the Dubai Outlet Mall where I managed to score a couple of things, but more on that later!)

What really strikes me about the malls of Dubai is how they cleverly pick attractions that are unique to them just to make your visit a bit more worthwhile– you know, how The Dubai Mall has the world’s largest acrylic aquarium, or how the Mall of the Emirates has Ski Dubai. Heck, even the Dubai Outlet Mall has a special store that is literally like a museum housing comic book-related paraphernalia.

I’ll be talking about each of the malls in turn on this post, and honestly I think there are things to like in each of them!

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