{Dubai 2014} The Dubai Desert Safari Experience

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I’ve read a couple of fiction novels set in the desert in the past couple of years. Suddenly that all feels like some sort of preparation for this moment. I wasn’t expecting to get to experience being in the desert at any capacity anytime soon and was content with just reading about it, so just imagine my excitement! If I had to pick one favourite attraction from this trip, this would be it.

It would be a mistake to leave this emirate without going on a Dubai Desert Safari. I’d love to come back for other sand activities. I really would.

DUBAI - {Dubai 2014} The Dubai Desert Safari Experience

In a nutshell, the desert is one of the most unique locations I’ve ever been to, and the safari most definitely employs one of the most unforgettable methods to get there. If you’re planning to embark on a desert safari, I would suggest preparing yourself for one heck of a ride. Literally. Especially for first timers, I think you will find the journey quite something.

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