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    My Birthday Lazybones Syndrome

    You guys, it’s my birthday today! I wish I could be vacationing somewhere nice and cold for the day (Kyoto anyone?) but since this is real life– and it’s a Wednesday no less– I’m sitting in front of my computer at work. (Don’t worry, I’m not slacking off. This is a pre-written, pre-scheduled post haha!) When January came around I was already playing around with cake ideas for this year. See, every time I make my birthday cake I like to make it a combination of my own favourite flavours with that of my co-celebrator, my brother younger by 5 years– Jason. Those of you who have followed my birthday…

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    Our Lenten Table 2011: Part II + a Recipe

    There was really more than one reason to get cooking this week other than Lent. April 22nd also happens to be my Mother’s Birthday! We didn’t go out to celebrate because my Dad was away, and since we were staying home, I decided to make something special for her instead. Initially, my youngest brother and I chose Red Velvet Cake, but we made her this Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting instead, because Carrot Cake is one of her favourites (as is mine). We then surprised her with the cake during the afternoon, sang her an out of tune birthday song and made her blow one measly candle.