I think I’ve found my Holy Grail Macaron recipe

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your knowledge on Netspeak? I would probably be at a 5. Ironically, despite all the time I spend online, my Internet vocabulary is pretty poor. Until last year I had no idea what it meant to “ship”, and to think that is just one in the 9000+ new slang words being spoken on the Interwebs on a daily basis. Am I THAT behind on pop culture now that I’m at my mid-20’s? Am I more old-fashioned than I thought? (I would like to think NOT!)

I’m not updated on the abbreviated Internet slang dictionary either, but that may be because I’m just not much of a fan of abbreviations. I do use “LOL” occasionally, but I just don’t see why you have to say “IMMD” instead of the more expressive “it made my day”; or why my more frequently used “OMG” has to spawn an “OMGD” (“Oh my gosh, dude”). But that’s just me. I never even use “gonna” or “wanna” because my public speaking training in uni has made it unnatural for me. However there is one abbreviation that I have come to use just lately in my life and that is “HG”.

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No, not “Hot Girl”!!!

“Holy grail”. Something you believe is the ultimate version of a thing. It could be the best you’ve tried or your most favourite among favourites. I hear that abbreviation on YouTube Make-Up reviews all the time. (Something I have to admit I spend quite a bit of time watching haha!) Since then I have come to associate that word with the declaration “THIS IS IT!”, which is exactly what I thought and how I felt after making these macarons.

I can’t promise you that this recipe is foolproof because again the success of the recipe still depends on the consistency of your macaron batter and whether you can tell if it’s ready, but I will try my best to help you out on that part. It’s just that I was so shocked at how non-finicky this recipe was compared to the others I’ve tried.

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I didn’t weigh my ingredients, didn’t age my eggs for long, and yet I came up with gorgeous macarons. All of them came out domed and with feet. Of course I did test this recipe again the second time just to make sure– the recipe of which I will share a little later– and it still worked! I’m still thinking about the third flavour to try out on my third attempt, but suffice it to say, this is the recipe I will be tweaking and perfecting and adapting into my own repertoire.

Why don’t I give you a little walk-through on how I made these Chilli Chocolate Macarons? 🙂

Two bits of good news

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You guys!!!!!!!

I did it.

I made macarons!!!!! With feet!!!!! On my first try!!!!!

Now on a typical day, seeing this much exclamation points would make me cringe, but not today. Because apparently the only way I can describe my feelings about this success is: !!!!!!!

In hindsight I kind of wish I had spent significantly less time worrying about whether I would fail or not and used that time to actually attempt macarons. Considering all my past ventures into things involving whipping egg whites into a sort of meringue turned out better than I always anticipated, I think I may have unconsciously held unto those when I finally decided it was time to try my hand at macarons.

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