One of my favourite Filipino breads in 3 forms

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There are about a million kinds of breads in the world and I love trying them all. French breads and Japanese breads are among my favourites, but I always- always– find myself drifting back to Filipino bread at the end of the day. There’s something about them that’s so comforting; something that fills me with strong feelings related to home and belongingness more than any other Filipino food so far I think. My soul food, I guess you can call it.

Whatever time of the day, nothing beats having a piping hot cup of coffee in one hand and a warm piece of fluffy pan de sal in the other. Unless of course you choose to have another type of Filipino bread, in which case you shouldn’t need worry since they all go well with coffee (and by that I mean as something you dip in your cup of joe). One of my life’s simple joys really: Eating coffee-dipped warm bread especially in the morning. It allows me that one true peaceful moment before I go out and face what usually is a day full of stress and toxicity.

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I am really glad I live in a country that has such great love for bread. The selection of Filipino breads is truly so colourful that I think I should make it my mission to recreate each of them at home. One of my favourites aside from the pan de sal is actually these breads that originate all the way from the province of Quezon called pinagong. I can’t quite explain why I love them. I just do. They’re wonderfully dense (they remind me of a tennis ball when I hold them actually) yet they are surprisingly soft to the bite. They’re also very fragrant and quite milky in taste with just a light sweetness to them.

Quezon is actually at least about 3 to 4 hours away from Manila by car, so the pinagong is not exactly something that’s easily accessible to me. Sometimes when a craving hits, it’s frustrating to have to wait around for someone we know to visit Quezon just so I can have my pinagong fix. But those times are too few and far in between that I decided to just find myself a recipe and attempt to replicate them at home. I can’t tell you enough how glad I am that I did just that!

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