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    A visit to Pamana Tagaytay at long last

    Decorated like an old-world manor, entering Pamana Tagaytay feels almost as if you’ve been invited to dine at the ancestral home of a wealthy friend. (Except of course, you’re paying lol.) The walls are decorated with dozens of old photographs, and as you go up the stairs you get a glimpse of the lives of the people who live there.

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    The only kind of cheesiness I approve of

    I don’t think it qualifies as a normal Filipino childhood if you have never eaten any so-called “dirty ice cream”, more fondly called sorbetes, as a kid. This kind of ice cream is sold on the streets in these colourful ice cream carts that are pushed around by foot all over the city by sorbeteros. The carts roam the streets all day long (or until ice cream supplies last, I guess) but they normally hang around schools or parks, places children frequent. Every afternoon, as the bell signalling the end of the school day rings, students pour out of the school gates and are met with another kind of ringing…