{Built From Scratch} Honey Bun Salmon Burgers with a side of fries

I’ve never been one to shy away from something that requires more elbow grease than is necessary on my part. Modesty aside, almost everything I do is done with more exertion than most people would normally put in, whether it’s school work, any kind of work, or something for my leisure. The principle is that ‘anything worth doing is worth doing well’. If I am going to dedicate some of my precious time doing something anyway, might as well dedicate some effort to ensure that the results are worth it.

During the days when I feel particularly assiduous, I like to build things from the ground up to create something great. No shortcuts, no easy ways out, just plain old handiwork stemming from sweat and heart. It’s no different when it comes to my cooking/baking, whether I’m doing a simple recipe or an involved one.

That said, there are days when I just want to take it easy, snap my photos, and still have a lot of time left to get out of the house and do my thing. And then there are days (usually Sundays) when I practically spend the whole day on my feet inside the kitchen and make things like this. I’m talking about making burger buns, plus patties, plus fries from scratch.
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