My first ever deeply dark Flourless Chocolate Cake

As the Lenten Season comes to a close once again, I thought I would sneak in one more recipe that I feel can be welcome addition to any Easter spread. Lent is the most important time for us Catholics to recognise the sacrifices made by Jesus on the cross and I think this can be done in the simplest manner by appreciating every little blessing we have, including the food that gets put on our tables.

I’m not making hot cross anything this year because that’s all I seem to make for Easter the past few years, so I thought I’d make something different this time. I’ve been seeing a lot of flourless desserts among the blogs I follow (probably made to coincide with the Jewish passover, which is also around this time) and it has encouraged me to try my hand in making one as well. Plus my family hasn’t eaten homemade flourless anything before and I wanted to see how it would be received.

This was was my first time making a flourless cake and I had absolutely no idea how it was going to turn out. But I put my full faith in Mr. Lebovitz, aka the man who “taught” me how to make my first ice cream, first macaron, first madeleine… There’s probably another first in there I’m missing but I owe a lot to Mr. Lebovitz’s for introducing the techniques to some of my favourite things to make in the kitchen. It seemed only fitting that I use his recipe for another first.
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