Stormy day blues and bread

Today is probably one of the worst days my city has encountered in recent years. The rain has not stopped falling for two weeks straight, and the rains these past two days have not only been continuous, but also heavy. Lightning fills the sky in frightening shocks, followed by the crashing thunder. It is a miracle we have electricity, and more shockingly WiFi. Outside there is floodwater as far as the eye can see.

Erik de Castro, REUTERS (Source)

The flood has reached proportions I have never ever encountered in my life. And here I had thought I had tasted the worst of it when I had to wade through waist-deep water to get to my street and get home years ago, in the wake of typhoon Ondoy. It’s a memory people look back on and reel from up to this day, but I guess it has been trumped today by none other than the southwest monsoon. It’s not even a typhoon and it has been pouring in ridiculously copious amounts of rain. The water just keeps piling up with nowhere else to go except inside houses and cars and schools and buildings. It’s insane.
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