Finding new things to love in the Merry Cremas Food Bazaar

I always say the very essence of Christmas is manifested in the spirit of sharing, so when I was invited to the Merry Cremas Food Bazaar sponsored by Alaska and the Asian Food Channel last December 15, I was more than happy to participate if only to be able to discover more delectable goodies that would make perfect giftables for loved ones. I know I bake a lot throughout the year, but on Christmas I kind of allow myself to fall into vacation mode, so I tend to leave all the baking to the pros! 😉

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I was actually there as one of the judges for the event, wherein the purveyors were challenged to create dishes that made good use of Alaska Crema, a popular all-purpose cream brand here in the Philippines that we occasionally use at home too. And as with all food contests, the more creative and beautifully presented the dishes, the better. The biggest chunk of the score had to do with taste, while the other two involved presentation and usage of Alaska Crema. And though most of the purveyors were able to accomplish the requirement with ease, I had some personal favourites that received glowing scores.

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