12 Tips for your first time in New York City

Tips for New York City

A disclaimer before anything else: Everyone has a different way of doing things of course, and what I’m about to share here today are some tips that I have come up with after spending my days as a first time visitor to New York City. It’s always a learning experience when you create an itinerary entirely on your own for such a big bustling city, and while it does not make me an expert, it does give me more things to talk about! For whatever they’re worth. 😉

This was my first time visiting the East Coast and of course the first order of business was NEW YORK CITY! Coming straight from the West Coast during this trip, New York felt all the more like an entirely different beast from any major city I ever visited in California. But then again, I say that about every major city. They all have a unique vibe that makes them incomparable from each other.

Times Square - 12 Tips for your first time in New York City

To me, uniqueness is never a bad thing. But sometimes when you go to a new place it can feel a little overwhelming. The Big Apple can especially feel like a new environment for those who have traveled extensively in Asia, but the good news is, your first time in New York need not be intimidating or scary!

Before I go into my individual travel diaries, I wanted to make a list of things that might prove to be helpful in making the most out of your first time visit to this city that LITERALLY never sleeps.

1. Pack comfortable shoes.

This is CRUCIAL. If you’re like me and have few precious vacation days to spare, you’re going to pack your schedule with as much must-see’s as you can. That also means you’re going to do a lot of walking, because in New York City, you don’t want to be stuck in a car. Trust me! There’s too much to see and the best way to do that is by walking them streets.

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In the four days I was here I walked an average of 20,500 steps per day, so I’m not joking about the shoes you guys. One day it even got to 25,000, and just imagine wearing heels and doing all that walking. I know a lot of people take this opportunity to snap great OOTD’s, but I just want to say, there are lots of nice sneakers available in the market these days that can complete your outfit. Have mercy on your feet. 😁

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Walking is simply easier with comfy shoes (like the ones I wore), especially on a day when the people at the Empire State Building allow you to cut the elevator lines up to the observatory by climbing the stairs from the 80th to the 86th floor. Or when you make the trek across the Brooklyn Bridge!

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