{Filipino Food-Love} Days of pan de sal lovin’

I have very real love for breakfast. But among all the breakfast foods I enjoy, I have to say there is nothing quite like a hot piece of pan de sal in the morning. A perfect pan de sal is super soft, light, and airy, with a slightly crunchy exterior. It has just a hint of sweetness that will allow you to eat it on its own or as a sandwich bread. I know people who can scarf down a dozen pieces of pan de sal in one sitting armed with just a piping hot mug of coffee. Regretfully I am not one of those people, because my stomach capacity will only allow me 6 at most even when I’m absolutely famished. Typically, I manage to eat 3 and I’m a happy camper already! :)

Pan de sal, sometimes spelled as pandesal, is the quintessential Filipino bread. All over the country, you find people eating it in every different way. A lot of high-end Filipino restaurants have already managed to create special gourmet sandwiches using their own versions of pan de sal as the bread, which just shows you how important this piece of bread is around here. Luckily, pan de sal is available pretty much everywhere in the country; a staple of every hole-in-the-wall home bakery round every street corner. Anybody feeling hungry in the middle of the day can step out for a few minutes and come back with a bag of pan de sal.

But just because it is widely available doesn’t mean all of it is made the same way. In truth, there are some pan de sals that are so overcooked or old it is literally as hard as a rock. I am not even joking when I say you can chuck it at someone and it will hurt. It’s fairly easy to see if the pan de sal isn’t good quality. Typically the top of the pan de sal will be a very dark, almost black shade of brown, and it will have a hard shell.

The pan de sal you want should be like the one I’m sharing with you today: a bread with cloud-like softness, squishy and airy, chewy and delightful to munch on. Leave it in the oven to brown for a bit, or toast it when you’re ready to eat, to allow it to develop its crust and it’ll be absolutely perfect! It’s just lightly sweetened so you can sandwich it with anything or eat it au naturel, which also happens to be one of my favourite ways to eat it too!
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