{Christmas Countdown 2013} Chocolate, Banana, and Nutella in a Cupcake + ways to frost cupcakes video tutorial

They say the spirit of Christmas manifests itself in people who prefer to give rather than to receive; those who whole-heartedly and excitedly give gifts just for the satisfaction of a smile from loved ones. With that in mind, I decided to have this year’s Christmas Countdown recipes focus on well-loved giftable treats. Although I realise you can pretty much gift any sort of baked good during this season, I thought I would share some festive treats that became great hits here at home and to those I gifted them to.

Now cupcakes are, I think, one of those very few things just about everyone loves.

Cupcakes are delicious and pretty but really easy to make, which is why most home bakers also love creating them at home. They challenge the baker’s inventiveness in coming up with new and unique cake-frosting combinations, as well as their creativity in upgrading old classics. This particular recipe feels like a play of a classic. It starts with a simple Chocolate-Banana Cupcake bottom, but topping it with Chocolate-Nutella Frosting makes it deliciously indulgent. And we all know Christmas equals indulgence. Yes??
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