A post-Christmas hangover breakfast treat with Homemade Granola

It’s a few days after Christmas and you have leftover gingerbread cookies. What do you do?

What’s that? Leftovers are unheard of you say? I think if you had gone on a cookie-baking rampage prior to Christmas it’s not an impossible scenario.

I always find that even when I give away majority of a big batch of homemade cookies I am still left with quite a fair amount to savour bit by bit for a whole week. It’s why I love making cookies so much—a recipe yields so many! In my personal list of the greatest food creations that exist on the planet, cookies are definitely in the top 10, but now something else has wiggled its way in there: HOMEMADE granola.

Just imagine putting the two together and eating it for breakfast. Wouldn’t your day be a happy one?

Obviously there is nothing new about granola. Sometimes when I read the labels on granola bars I cringe at how much sugar it contains; how much glucose and stuff like that. Most of them are usually too sweet for my liking. I’ve had my fair share of granola whether in bar or cluster form but none of them have ever impressed me enough for me to care. That is, until I made my own granola at home.

It was out of sheer curiosity that I did it. I wondered how easy it really was to make at home something the supermarkets sell at such a premium price. Every blog post I ever read keeps going on and on about how simple and fuss-free it is, and now this blog post is going to be one of them. I am a convert. I am officially a homemade granola lover!

There are no preservatives or processed sugars in this granola; only hearty ingredients like oats and nuts, plus natural sweeteners in the form of molasses and pure maple syrup. Oh, and there’s a good amount of espresso in here too!
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