Of friendship and dimsum + Homemade Dumpling Video Tutorial!

Dimsum– quite possibly one of the best things about living in Asia. Also one of the best things about living in a country where there are so many excellent Chinese/Cantonese restaurants. I can eat a whole meal comprised of just these steamed wonders. Dimsum has always been a favourite of mine since childhood, but lately I have come to gain a new appreciation for Dimsum, when two of my bestest friends and I began this tradition of meeting over dimsum and catching up. We try to do it every month if all our schedules permit, and quite frankly it’s one of the highlights of my month whenever we do.

There have been many an intimate conversation shared over dimsum, whichever dimsum place we decide to dine in. I never have any qualms spilling my soul out to these two. And I think I speak for the three of us when I say we aren’t afraid to sound shallow or stupid in front of each other. We rant, complain, blow off steam regarding whatever it is going on in our lives, from the mundane to the very serious. And always at the end of the meal my heart feels a lot less heavier.

I hope we stay like this until we grow old.
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