{Christmas Countdown 2013} Just because lamingtons remind me of snow

We’re only a few days away from Christmas now, and it is on a day like this more than on any day of the year I start thinking about snow. (Especially since the weather these past few days has been on the warm side!) I wonder what it’s like to have snow falling on your face, brushing past the tip of your nose like a silent kiss. I wonder how those tiny white specks feel rolling between fingers that try to catch them. Do they feel like sharp icicles or are they really as cottony soft as they look on television?

I haven’t been fortunate enough to witness falling snow though during the course of my travels I’ve experienced really cold temperatures; the sort that makes your breath turn into clouds before your face. I love that. Truthfully the winter season kind of terrifies me because I get cold pretty easily, but I love seeing those cloudy puffs in front of my face every time I talk and breathe. The only thing I’m waiting to experience is actual snow. It’s probably why I always gravitate towards recipes that have snowy elements in them during this season.

I mean just look at these lamingtons. In Australia it’s a classic all-year-round treat, but to me it looks like something that fits perfectly during the Christmas season.
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