A place for pizza in my memories

Lately I haven’t been feeling my regular energies when it comes to food blogging. I guess you could say I’m still within the transition period from grieving to full acceptance after my grandma’s passing. I’m feeling blue and melancholy most days. Some days there’s this heavy soul-deep tiredness too, which I choose to keep hidden from everyone around me. I was lucky enough to have a bunch of sponsored posts written last month waiting in the wings to keep this blog alive. Now I’m trying to get back into the groove of things, but somehow, at least at the moment, I keep gravitating toward recipes that remind me of my grandma.

I was doing my annual file-cleaning on my MacBook when I saw that I had this pizza recipe I haven’t had a chance to write about yet. It was a big hit at home but somehow it got pushed back by other recipes. In a way it must’ve been fate, because it seems more appropriate to write about it now. You see, pizza became a big part of my childhood thanks to my grandma.
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