Easy Nasi Goreng at home

It’s been several weeks since I started prepping for a series of travel diaries featuring Bali, Indonesia, and I’m happy to say that apart from the video I’m just about ready to write about it now. My friend Gilbert would be dancing in his seat right now after reading that phrase because I’m a bazillion months late in sharing our travel story with you, and he has been expecting this post to go live for quite some time already. Better late than never I guess?

So get the blog into the vibe of an Indonesian/Balinese exploration, I wanted to share a recipe for Nasi Goreng. It’s practically the national rice dish of Indonesia after all. Most Asian countries would have one or two rice dishes to identify them by and for Indonesia it’s Nasi Goreng. We ate this dish a bunch of times during our meals while we were in Bali, and while this recipe isn’t an exact replica of those you can eat pretty much everywhere in Indonesia, it’s still a yummy version of the dish.

I did a little research and according to my fried Wiki this dish was created by an Indonesian, though it is also a staple in both Malaysia and Singapore. Literally translated it simply means “Fried Rice”, and just like any other fried rice dish it’s easy to put together and a tasty addition during any meal!
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