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    Japanese Food Souvenir Haul from Tokyo Spring 2019 [Vol. 6]

    Anyone who has ever gone on a trip to Japan with me knows that I always bring a luggage that’s twice as big as I actually need. Why? Because half of that is going to get filled with snack food souvenirs. I even bring a portable weighing scale just to make sure I don’t go over the weight limit lol. I can’t seem to stop myself from buying and trying Japanese snack foods. How they come up with all these creative and delicious things is beyond me. I’m not complaining though! 

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    Some memorable Tokyo Eats from Spring of 2019

    Anyone who has ever visited Japan will tell you that it is a haven for foodies. In fact, I am not sure I have ever eaten anything from this country I did not like. Even their convenience store food is good! (Possibly the best in the world alongside Taiwan.) During our visit to Tokyo, I didn’t get to hit up nearly as many of the food places I wanted to visit due to time constraint and them being out of the way, but I was still fairly happy with the places we did get to visit. Just thought I’d share them here!

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    Tokyo Spring 2019: My Favorite Tokyo Snapshots, Sample Itinerary, & Travel Video

    It’s funny how for a time in 2020 I was so un-energized to write about my 2019 travels despite having all the time in the world just staying at home during a lockdown. It just didn’t feel right or appropriate, so I put it off and put it off, and suddenly it’s 2021. Boy, did time just ZOOM PAST. At some point, I already accepted the fact that it will be quite some time before we can travel normally again, but then none of that actually means I have to lock all my past travels inside a box. Right? 

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    Spring in Tokyo 2019: Touring around Yamanashi’s Fuji Five Lakes & Oshino Hakkai

    It has become a standard practice for us to book daytrips on travel apps since we began making our own travel itineraries. This time we went with KKDay for a tour around certain spots in Yamanashi, like the Lake Kawaguchiko and the Oshino Hakkai. When my brother and I were discussing about where to plot this tour in our itinerary, I was desperately hoping that the day we picked would allow us to maximize this trip sightseeing-wise. I didn’t want clouds or rains, just clear skies and a not too sunny day.

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    Tokyo Spring 2019: The crowded but glorious Nezu Shrine

    The Nezu Shrine possesses a certain elegance that can only come with age. Being one of Japan’s oldest shrines, it holds itself with a grace and dignity that will make poets gleeful with inspiration. Beyond the usual buildings and well-maintained grounds this shrine has an amazing garden, and I’m not the only who thinks so since this place has A LOT of visitors. And to think the guidebooks call this place underrated.

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    Spring in Tokyo 2019: A view of Shibuya from Hoshino Coffee

    Oh, Shibuya! Home of the two busiest railway stations in the world. Headquarters of choice for most major Japanese companies. Naturally, it’s also the most crowded place I’ve been to in Japan so far. I’m not really a person who likes being in the middle of crowds for the simple reason that it’s such a hassle, so I wasn’t exactly keen on experiencing Shibuya all that much. But could one ever rightly say one has been to Tokyo without experiencing the Shibuya Crossing?