Eat or Retreat: Japan Ramen Box Subscription Box

Japan Ramen Box COVER - Eat or Retreat: Japan Ramen Box Subscription Box

Am I the only one who gets a thrill out of subscription boxes? Because I was super excited when I received this Japan Ramen Box in the mail. We don’t have a lot of these where I live. Or at least, we don’t have a lot that I feel are consistently good in churning out their boxes. For me, the most important thing about a subscription box is how well-curated it is. Regardless of whatever item a subscription box specializes in, it should make a person want to keep looking forward to the succeeding boxes.

45350206264 a40590a723 b - Eat or Retreat: Japan Ramen Box Subscription Box

I received this box from the company as a review package. Although I was NOT PAID to do a review for this, I really wanted to go through with it anyway, just to let people know that there are boxes out there that actually ship to the Philippines for FREE. Now how long it takes to get here is a different matter entirely. This box arrived to me a month after it was shipped from Japan, which is technically not bad considering how unreliable the Post Office can be. However I have had other subscription boxes get lost in the Post Office for 8 months, so I guess there is a bit of luck involved here. 

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