A round-up of Fukuoka souvenirs [Japanese snacks Vol. 4]

Fukuoka Haul COVER - A round-up of Fukuoka souvenirs [Japanese snacks Vol. 4]

It’s clear by now how addicted I am to hauling Japanese snacks. I always come home with a suitcase full of them! Seeing my list today, I had to ask myself: Why on earth do I keep hauling sweets when I don’t eat sweets an awful lot? Is it the cute packaging? The interesting presentation?

I don’t know, and I don’t think I really care what the answer to this question is. I am simply curious about trying out all these Japanese snacks and edible souvenirs! If anyone asks, that’s the only important thing. So here we are, with yet another list of food items that we tried during our trip to Fukuoka.

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The best part about traveling to different parts of Japan is that often enough, you can only acquire certain goods in certain places. The charm of a limited edition treat is stronger than you might think, and Japan know how to play the game. Stacked in neat rows in a shop, they draw you in and whisper, ‘Try me.’ You’ll find yourself trying one pack of each interesting thing, and suddenly your whole basket is full! These Japanese snacks can hypnotize haha!

Now not everything on this list is limited only to Fukuoka, but there are quite a lot that I think you all may want to give a try when you visit there in the future. I aim to show the variety of surprises in store for your tastebuds, so let’s dive right in!

February 2017 Japanese Snack Haul from Sapporo [Vol. 3]

Treats Cover - February 2017 Japanese Snack Haul from Sapporo [Vol. 3]

Another trip, another snack haul! In case you didn’t know, getting to haul packaged foods like these from Japan and South Korea is one of the things that excites me the most about traveling there. Asian snacks are THE BEST! From the lovely packaging alone you already feel the anticipation to tear it open and dig in!

After visits to Japan in particular, I seem to always come home with an inordinate amount of sweets. I love going to Don Quijote’s food section to hoard Japanese snacks like Pocky in all sorts of flavours. Souvenir shops in different tourist locations also tend to offer unique or special edition snacks you can’t find anywhere else. Today I’m going to review the Japanese snacks from Sapporo that I managed to haul, so let’s start with the few savouries I got:

1. Daihachi Pistachio Crunch
Price & Packaging: ¥1,180 for a big bag of 280 grams
Where I got it: Don Quijote Sapporo

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My family loves these Pistachio Crunch snacks (on the left). I had been careless when I grabbed these from the shelf, meaning to get the wasabi variant but ending up with the original ones instead.

The green crunchy shells of these are a little on the sweet side, and while they are pretty good, my brothers and I prefer the wasabi flavour. Still a great option for those who dislike wasabi (like my Dad) or anything spicy in general. You can’t stop snacking at just one pack I tell ya!

2. Denroku Taste of Hokkaido Mixed Japanese Rice Cracker Snacks
Price & Packaging: ¥598 for a pack of 14
Where I got it: Don Quijote Sapporo

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One of my favourite Japanese snacks of life! This 14-pack contains two types of mixed snacks: the red one primarily containing various types of rice crackers, while the black one also has some dried anchovies and spicy nuts in them.

New favourite Japanese snacks, December 2015 edition [Vol. 2]

By now I think most people have heard about the most recent earthquakes that have created such destruction in Japan and Ecuador. This post is my way of showing solidarity during these difficult times. My prayers go out to all those who have been affected by the earthquake, both in Japan and Ecuador.

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I’ve only ever been to Japan so I have more things to say about it, one of them being how much I admire how the Japanese of today are so disciplined, efficient, kind, and resilient, so I just know they as a nation will help one another to recover from this. But still, a little help can go a long way. To those who want to give a little aid, here are the channels I used to donate:

In the face of such heavy news, I wanted to talk about something a little lighter and sweeter, about Japan specifically. Visiting this country is never complete without filling up your suitcase with Japanese treats to slowly savour once you’re back home. (I think it helps with the separation anxiety!) You might remember the last version I made. Here are some of the new ones I discovered during my trip there last December, in no particular order except where I picked them up.

Let’s start with treats from one of the souvenir shops around Mt. Fuji.

img 2549 - New favourite Japanese snacks, December 2015 edition [Vol. 2]

You guys might be familiar with the Meiji Strawberry Apollos, specifically the original variant. My favourite is the Rich Strawberry flavoured one, which has a more strawberry taste and darker colour, but this Meiji Strawberry Mt Fuji Apollo version is really giving that a run for its money! It’s designed to look like Mt Fuji, but I really love the strawberry taste.

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