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    Luscious Calamansi Custard Pudding with KitchenAid [VIDEO]

    My immediate thought upon receiving my KitchenAid 4-Piece Nesting Casserole Set: I need to make a spoon dessert in here. Pronto. Something about the combination of ceramic bowls and spoon desserts gives me a great sense of hominess and nostalgia. I pondered a while which dessert I would make, but I wasn’t in the mood for cobblers, nor was I in the mood for bread pudding. Suddenly it occurred to me: Citrus Delicious Pudding! I feel so weird calling it a pudding since it’s more like a kind of cake that gradually turns into a melty pudding-like texture at the bottom. Typically when I make this insanely tangy Australian dessert…

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    Meet the Lemon Cookies of my dreams

    I’m curious to know: how many people here actually like lemony baked goods? When I say that, I mean those that have the REAL lemon feels. As a huge lemon-pastry lover it’s important to me that when a certain pastry is heralded as “lemon”, the lemon flavour isn’t just an afterthought, or worse, merely for scenting up the pastry. Lord knows I’ve been disappointed by labels many times. If you’re going to sell me a lemon pastry, make it something that actually has the zingy tang of a lemon, am I right? This is one of my pet peeves especially when it comes to lemon bars. Lemon bars HAVE to…

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    Love is like lemons and strawberries

    Valentine’s means a lot of different things to different people. Apart from anniversaries, this is probably the only other day where couples go all out in surprising each other. My single friends joke about this being “Singles Awareness Day”, declaring that Valentine’s is just another commercial opportunity for companies to sell something. (Well ain’t that the truth!) Regardless of how you’re spending Valentine’s this year, I think we can all agree that it is a day that celebrates that little thing called love. Love, which some may call the single sweetest feeling in the world; or the worst heartbreak that forever sours affections for another. But mostly I think love…

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    Simple birthdays and lemon cakes with chocolate

    I’ve never really been the sort for extravagant celebrations, not especially since the void created by my grandma’s death is still a bit fresh. I’m simply not the kind of person who acts extra special when it’s her birthday. It feels just like any other day to me. I don’t even recall wishing hard and blowing out candles for the last couple of years. But the thing I look forward to when there’s a birthday are definitely the lunches or dinners out with the whole family. Oh, and the chance to make another layer cake.