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    6 Favorites from February 2020: Yuzu Kit Kat’s, Caramia’s Strawberry Cake, and more

    Another month has passed. Can you believe it? It’s been only two months since 2020 started, and I think we can all agree that it has been quite a tumultuous two months. Too many things have happened in a span of 2 months! But life must go on and we all do the best that we can to make sure it’s worthwhile. For me, that involves discovering new favorites.

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    5 Favorites from January 2020: Sourdoughnuts, Pocket Coffee, and More

    So many things happened in January 2020. It’s almost enough for half a year’s worth of newsworthy events! Adding all the personal family issues I have been dealing with lately, the old me probably would’ve had a nervous breakdown. But thanks to all the emotional beating I got from 2019, I seem to have toughened up some. Psychologically, I am doing a lot better than I expected. I am not as affected emotionally as I used to be. I am managing to see the silver lining a lot more clearly than I expected as well. But a little boost in endorphins always help in most situations, so this “happy list”…

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    May 2014 Favourites and Kitchen Discoveries

    Hello and welcome to a new segment on the blog I’m hoping to turn into a monthly/bi-monthly routine! I think I am a little bit late in posting this since it’s mid-June already but I guess we’re going with the better-late-than-never route. I decided to do this little round-up because I found a surprising lot of things I’ve been loving and discovering for May and I thought it would be nice to share it with you! Last month’s favourites are a mishmash of things, as probably all my future favourites posts will be, only this month’s list coincidentally involves a number of bottled fish… But let’s start with the books, shall we? 1. Yummy…