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    Some Spicy Tuna Pad Thai to start with

    I didn’t realise that looking at the photos of my pad thai now would give me such a great sense of pride. As you can see, I finally decided to cook something rather than just bake and bake like I’ve been doing since the blog came to be. It’s strange but I’ve always felt intimidated by cooking. Factoring in my lack of culinary confidence and that fact that cooking has more to do with technique than measurements, I tend to shy away from making anything as crucial as a meal. 

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    Everyman’s Pancit Canton- an introduction to Filipino cooking

    One of the things I love the most about living the Philippines is, without a doubt, the Filipino food selection. It ranges from sweet to sour to spicy to salty in a span of cities and provinces. Sometimes when you travel through from one area of the peninsula to the other, the contrast between each province is striking not only in terms of appearance or culture, but with the food as well. You take one dish and each province has a unique way of cooking it that fits their identity. The diversity of each province can literally be sampled through the food, among other things. But there is this one…