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    {Kitchen Diaries} Autumn Edition

    It’s November, which means I am officially starting my countdown to Christmas! Since we don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving holiday here, we’re jumping right into festive, Christmas-y baking before the last week of November arrives. It’s my favourite time of the year and I’m super excited to make the recipes I have planned for Christmas already, but before that, I wanted to share some of the autumn recipes that did not make the cut. I’ve actually been pretty busy in the kitchen even though it’s not as apparent on the blog. Poor planning, crazy whims, and the desire to use ingredients screaming at me in the fridge have led me to…

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    Homemade cookies are one of the best pick-me-ups

    I don’t know if any of you experience this as well, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a homemade cookie without feeling a little better afterwards. If I’m having a good day, I start smiling a bit more; and when I’m having a bad day, the dark cloud over my head lifts a little. It’s like baked endorphins, especially when in the form of chocolate chip cookies! Now these may not be chocolate chip cookies, but I can assure you they have the same effect. As you all may have read from my previous post, I am in dire need of all sorts of pick-me-ups. This cookie definitely fits…

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    The thing about new year’s + Baked Oatmeal To-Go

    I think most people expect to feel differently every time the new year swings around; like some sort of strange, unexplainable feeling of rebirth is supposed to stir inside them. The truth is, this very rarely happens in the magnitude we imagine, and most of the time it happens depending on whether we want it to or not. Change is hardly instant. It’s something you have to work on for a period of time. It begins in the tiniest corner of the soul.

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    Low-fat Oatmeal Banana Bread for my soul

    I’ve been having such a rotten streak lately and I absolutely hate it. Since my last post, a couple of things happened that have left me feeling like someone drowning in a fountain of emotion, and today finally, I am drained and fatigued. You know how in the height of your emotions, you feel like you have so much fight inside you it could lift a mountain? Well when it ebbs, all that is left is a hollow tiredness. The fight in me just went poof and in a moment I am certain I will begin to realise how much time and energy I have wasted being stupidly upset. Oddly…