My Hot Mess Fluffernutter Sandwich Cookies

15294664211 2b6464c03a b - My Hot Mess Fluffernutter Sandwich Cookies

And by hot mess I mean that in the most positive way possible. You know, my level of excitement when it came to making these cookies were off the charts. I found the recipe in the middle of the week and immediately on that same weekend I had set out to make these. That doesn’t happen very often because I typically already have a bunch of previously-discovered recipes lined up for the weekend in my little planner– and I really hate it when my schedules aren’t followed!– but all those plans got pushed back because of these fluffernutters. I just HAD to make them. NOW.

To be honest, if I were to grade these cookies, it would probably go something like this:
A+ in taste
A+ in appetizing appearance
A+ in indulgence factor
and finally…
A+ in the messiness department

This 20-Minute Spicy Peanut and Chicken Soba is the bomb

15224739956 20c18a66f5 b - This 20-Minute Spicy Peanut and Chicken Soba is the bomb

It’s a bit strange that I don’t make enough simple meals here on the blog. In fact I was quite surprised myself when I made this noodle dish. I managed to finish cooking it in less than 20 minutes, including prep time. At the end I literally went, ‘Wait a minute. That’s it?’ I guess I’m just too used to baking and dessert recipes– you know, those that always take at least 30 minutes especially if they have several components. There are the cakes that need time to bake up then cool before they can be meticulously frosted. There are the yeasted bread recipes I so love to make, usually requiring some 20-minute kneading time, 40 to 60-minute++ rising time, with some resting time and even cooling time… You get the drift. Suddenly here we are with a recipe that takes almost no time at all to put together. By my standards anyway.

Treats from Reese’s and cookies that remind of them

14806267613 b4489ff83d b - Treats from Reese's and cookies that remind of them

Late last week I received a ginormous package from Reese’s. The box looked like a giant pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which I thought was a cute idea. I was imagining that a load of Reese’s goodies would spill out once I opened the box, but actually there is an assortment of things inside. There were three packs of the classic peanut butter cups and three packs of their NutRageous bars, and then this adorable candy-wrapper shaped USB.

14786068502 66779d2219 b - Treats from Reese's and cookies that remind of them

Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month?

PB J Ice Cream 1 - Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month?

Wait, is that national or international? For a food blogger I am comically ignorant about these things. Typically I don’t tend to bandwagon on food holidays, but when it’s for something I really like, I simply can’t let it slide.

Ice cream– probably the only sweet dessert I can inhale without a second thought. I might have mentioned before that I don’t actually like to eat sweets; that I like to make them by a gazillion times more than I like to consume them. There is however always an exception to the rule. I can live without cakes or cookies, but please don’t make me live without ice cream. (And deep dark chocolate.) I wanted to contribute to this ice cream holiday (which in my opinion should be made legit, with free ice cream for everyone!), and luckily I had an ice cream recipe in my archives waiting to be shared.

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