Have bananas? Make David Lebovitz’s Banana Souffle!

Banana Souffle 1 - Have bananas? Make David Lebovitz's Banana Souffle!

It’s very rare that you hear about people making Banana Souffle. Normally you hear about chocolate or vanilla souffles, and recently the matcha souffle has been getting some traction. But Banana Souffle? Coming across this recipe, it was the first time I heard of such a thing myself.

And when something is new and different to me, naturally I like to try it out!

36350630915 b96c6d37a8 h - Have bananas? Make David Lebovitz's Banana Souffle!

The Philippines is well-known for its mangoes but it also has some awesome bananas. I love eating it as much as I love using it for making banana treats. Because we often have an abundance of bananas at home, it’s easy to set aside a few of them until they get to the overripe stage for baking. So move over for a sec Banana Bread; it’s time for Banana Souffle!

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