These Ube Crinkles will make your eyes crinkle in delight

Ube Crinkles COVER - These Ube Crinkles will make your eyes crinkle in delight

The story of these Ube Crinkles begin with leftover ube jam. You may remember that I shared my favorite ube halaya brand and my favorite ube cupcakes recipe at the start of the year. After making that, I had forgotten about the small amount of ube jam I had left over in the fridge– until my mother started using it as a spread on her toast. I quickly jumped in to tell her to leave me a little bit just so I could make a half recipe of the cute-as-buttons Ube Crinkles I came across from the Bake Happy blog.

I know that a lot of people love Chocolate Crinkles, but I think this is definitely a good change-up. Frankly speaking, I haven’t eaten a store-bought version of Ube Crinkles as good as these. It could just be my bad luck, but discovering this recipe feels like a victory for ube-lovers like myself who are always looking for ways to make good use of ube halaya.

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Let’s talk about these delicious Ube Cupcakes

Ube Cupcakes COVER Rev - Let's talk about these delicious Ube Cupcakes

Right now, the last tub of homemade ube halaya is sitting in the fridge. At the start of the year, we received two tubs of homemade ube halaya from two different people who spent their Christmas break laboring to make this delicious jam. (I hear it’s really hard work!) Since I do love me so ube, I was very happy to receive such a gift. But then I realized that if I counted the ube jam I bought last month that sat forgotten in the freezer, that would mean we had three tubs of ube jam waiting to be consumed. Clearly, it was time to make some Ube Cupcakes!

After Christmas, maybe some of you are in the same predicament as me. Well it sure is a good one to be in!

Ube Cupcakes 2

Ube is having a worldwide moment and I have to say it surprises me not one bit. It’s a common enough thing for us here in the Philippines, but I feel like it wasn’t until it garnered its international fame that it started becoming visible again. Ube-Leche Flan Layer Cakes started popping up on my feeds like crazy! I daresay ube has made a permanent comeback.

Ube Cupcakes 3

Because I am too lazy at the moment to make one of those cakes, I’m sticking with this super easy, one-bowl recipe for Ube Cupcakes I tested from Yummy Mag. I already knew Yummy wasn’t going to fail me, as evidenced by 98% of the recipes I’ve tried from them so far, but to be honest, I wasn’t expecting the Ube Cupcakes to be this good!

Bagoong Rice Espesyal with Mura Sarap Bagoong

14371564677 82636d9340 b - Bagoong Rice Espesyal with Mura Sarap Bagoong

I really love it when different brands send me samples of their stuff. It’s always nice to be able to see what else is out there beyond what I’m familiar with, and the same applies for food. It’s not just about getting to taste something new and innovative, though that’s always an incident I welcome. It’s also about getting the chance to discover a potential new favourite brand of something oft-used and well-loved, even with things as simple or perhaps even overlooked as bagoong. 

The Filipino fish paste or bagoong is something I would venture to call a household staple in the Philippines. It’s used to cook many Filipino dishes, and as a condiment for many others.

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