{Zamboanga 2013} Cruising to Sta. Cruz paradise

The moon was still out when we awoke the next day. The resort was practically deserted and I took the chance to snap this quick panorama. There was nothing but stillness and silence as far as the eyes could see and the ears could hear, but there was a thick energy in the air.

It was the day we were to visit the beach on the Great Sta. Cruz Island, and because you have to admit that’s a highlight of summer, we were all extremely excited! But first, a hearty breakfast to prepare us for a full morning of swimming and frolicking on the beach! Fried milkfish and corned beef so thin and cooked to a crisp on fried rice with some scrambled eggs on the side. Now that is what I call breakfast!

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{Zamboanga 2013} Butterflies and a little local flare

Coming off my previous post, we had just visited the boy scout meeting place in Pasonanca Park when Milabelle brought us to the Butterfly Garden. Located in the same Pasonanca Park compound, the Butterfly Garden covered a tiny area of the Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat.

Maybe you’re wondering why I decided to cut off my previous post and start this one off this way. Since The Butterfly Garden is one of my favourite spots we visited in Zamboanga, I figured it would be nice to give it some due credit by putting it on the top of a post. It’s not because I saw some rare butterflies in the Garden, but because I was awe-struck by its simple beauty. Butterflies are one of Nature’s most beautiful creations, and whether or not it is a common species, it remains to be a thing to behold.

The whole time I was in the garden, I was chasing the butterflies amongst all the greenery; following the flashes of colour from its wings as it flitted from one plant to another. I have been wanting to photograph butterflies for the longest time, and I feel very blessed to get an opportunity to do so up close in this Garden.
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{Zamboanga 2013} La ciudad Latina de Asia

Zamboanga. Not exactly the top-of-mind location when one hears the word ‘vacation’, or better yet ‘beach’. I must admit I never really considered it a must-go place, let alone a place I bothered to get to know at all. When my Dad booked the family for a long Easter weekend vacation to Zamboanga, I wasn’t overly excited, but due to my desire to explore more of my home country, I was game.

There are only two domestic flights to Zamboanga a day and ours was at 4 in the morning. The flight took about an hour and a half from Manila– ample time for a nap, if you ask me. Upon arriving at the tiny airport’s waiting area, we were immediately greeted by an energetic Bienvenidos! by our tourist guide, Milabelle, who coincidentally is actually the president of the tourist guide association in Zamboanga.

At that point, two things kept running through my mind:
1. I was going to learn a lot from this trip thanks to our tour guide.
2. The people here speak Spanish!

Zamboanga is dubbed as the Latin City of Asia because its vernacular, Chavacano, is a mixture of 70% Mexican Spanish and 30% of other local dialects. Spanish happens to be on the top of my list of foreign languages to learn ASAP, so I was really happy to hear some Spanish being spoken around me. It’s just such a beautiful language!
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