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    2019 Christmas Gift Ideas of mostly Pinoy products

    ‘Tis the season of gift-giving and so I am here today with a list of Christmas gift ideas! This list is for food lovers (aka for everyone!) and it is entirely made up of things I have personally enjoyed and would honestly love to receive as gifts if it were the other way around. Now is the perfect time to finalize that Christmas shopping list with all the 12/12 sales right around the corner!

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    13 Homegrown Filipino food brands I’ve been loving this year

    August is the start of what students here in the Philippines call ‘Buwan ng Wika’, or the Filipino Language Month. When I was in high school, this month meant tons of activities that would require speaking in formal Filipino. It was during this time I developed an appreciation for using the language in its pure, non-slang form. At this point in my life though, August has involved into something that reminds me of the Filipino heritage in general. Initially I had some grand things planned for this month, but I haven’t had time to execute ANY of them, so we’re just going to stick with this one thing I did manage…