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    Biscoff and autumn are a nifty combination

    I’ve sung this song a million times before, but it’s simply inevitable that I feel this way around this time of the year. I can’t help it! I can’t quite hold back the green-eyed monster when all the beautiful orange-hued photos with scarf-wearing people in them begin popping up everywhere. I can’t help wishing that I live in a place where I can take Instagram photos of my boots nestled beneath a mountain of crunchy orange leaves; a place where the breeze is crisp and cool all-day long once the -ber months hit. Well I could spend all my energies wishing for autumn to magically fall upon this country, but unless…

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    Of pumpkin pie and spiderwebs

    I have already resigned myself to the fact that celebrating Halloween just is not in the cards as far as traditions go in our home. But because it is a fun little holiday, I like to join in by making something extra special from my kitchen. This year however, I find I did not have the time for a Halloween baking extravaganza. It’s just been that kind of year. I got completely thrown off my timeline after the big move to the self-hosted site and with the slew of other responsibilities in the real world, I feel like I’ve been playing a game of catch-up since August. Anyway, I decided…

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    The obligatory feel-good autumn season post

    Lately it has been a lot harder to get out of bed in the mornings. It sounds depressing when I say it like that, but what I actually mean is in our corner of the tropics we’re finally entering our version of autumn/winter. The “seasons” have gone from sweltering summer heat to insane downpours of rain and flooding, and now we’re at the glorious bed weather time of the year. My favourite!!! Of course it’s still hot since this is a tropical country after all, but it is considerably cooler than usual. The nights are longer too, and there are evenings I would only need an open window because there…

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    I constantly dream about autumn baking

    I love autumn. It’s a major reason why I love autumn baking, because it really makes me feel the arrival of autumn down to my bones. The only problem is I live in the tropics, where autumn is virtually non-existent. Perhaps the closest thing we have to autumn here is the slightly chilly, windy December weather which I love so much. During this time, the trees change their leaves, and every so often one would find a clump of yellowed fallen leaves as one goes around the city. It just doesn’t crunch in the same way as the orange-brown leaves of fall do.

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    Whoopie pies remind me of my “identity issue”

    It’s stupid really. It’s not even that much of a deal to be called a crisis, but what do I call it? Identity problem? Identity predicament? So here’s the thing: I live in a country that is predominantly influenced by the United States, from the way we dress, to the way we speak, to how much the fastfood industry thrives over here, down to the books and the English we study. American English. And yet, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, I cannot stop myself from spelling in British English. That’s it actually. Kind of petty isn’t it?