7 Foodie Experiences To Try for Your Sapporo Adventure

Food Experience Cover - 7 Foodie Experiences To Try for Your Sapporo Adventure

Japan is definitely a place that ranks high on every food-lover’s list. The Japanese consider food preparation an art, and you can feel (and taste) this pretty much anywhere you eat– yes, even in the konbini! From using fresh ingredients to ensuring every dish is prepared just right, it’s not at all difficult to appreciate Japanese cuisine no matter which region you have it in Japan.

In Hokkaido, the biggest food stars are their amazing seafood and dairy. As one of Japan’s main farming regions, they’re also known for their fresh produce, corn, and the super expensive Yubari melon. But of course the ramen is something to write home about too! Plus, Hokkaido is the only place you can have the jingisukan BBQ experience in Japan. (More on that later.)

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Although Hokkaido is considered a “region” in itself, it’s interesting to note that the cities within Hokkaido still have their own specialties. For instance, Hakodate swears by their shio-based ramen while Sapporo is regarded as the birthplace of miso ramen. Oh, and let’s not forget that Sapporo is the birthplace of Sapporo beer!

There’s certainly something different to discover in every part of Nippon, but today I’m showing you some of the yummies I think you should not miss when you visit Sapporo.

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For the record, this is not an ultimate and definitive list of what to eat in Sapporo, but considering I got to visit for just 3 short days, I think I managed to try out many of their specialties. On my next visit, I’ll make sure to have lots of Hokkaido dairy, lots of uni, and a piping hot bowl of Soup Curry, but you can bet I’ll have more of the following food as well.

Without further ado, here are 7 truly delicious foodie experiences in Sapporo that you will surely enjoy!

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