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    4 Essential Daytrips from Seoul to Enjoy the Winter Season

    After all that talk about Seoul in my previous post, it’s time for us to move a little bit away from the capital. Regardless of the season, it’s worth it to schedule several daytrips from Seoul into your itinerary. There are many interesting places you can visit that are an hour or two away by bus from Seoul. The places I will mention in this post are more like the quintessential places to visit during winter, but if you want more unique locations, you’ll have to check out this post instead. Some of the locations there are a bit farther away though.

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    Winter in Seoul 2018: 6 Places To Visit For A Taste of Seoul’s Winter Charms

    When talking about ideal winters, winter in Seoul is probably not the first thing that would pop into my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I like going to Seoul, but winter is not my favorite season to be there. Nonetheless, the thing with countries that have four seasons is that each season is bound to have its own unique charm. And because I am the type of traveler that tries to find something to like in each place I go, I can definitely pick out certain things I enjoyed whilst spending a soul-freezing winter in Seoul.

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    WoW Korea Winter Wonderland Day 5: Leaving my heart in Seoul

    What a phenomenal 5 days it has been. Seriously. It feels like I’ve been on this trip with all these wonderful people for two weeks when it’s only been 5 days! That’s how much fun we’ve been having. So today we finally get to walk around Seoul, which I find is always a pleasure. I love walking around cities like this because the mood is always perfect. There’s just the right amount of people and the energy is one that keeps you pumped up but not overwhelmed.