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    Tori Chizu in SM Megamall takes cheesy Japanese doria to a new level

    As a foodie, one of the things I’ve always admired about the Japanese is their ability to seamlessly incorporate Western elements into their dishes. I am a lover of traditional Japanese food, but I can’t deny the creativity that a touch of Western influence can bring to a familiar Japanese dish. Many Japanese chefs have been doing this fusion for a long time, but I’m glad that the rest of the world is catching up.

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    My first ever walking food tour at SM’s #MegaFoodWok

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is often a big deal with many Asian nations. As a Chinese, my family and I follow through with some mid-autumn traditions every year such as playing dice games and exchanging mooncakes. Mooncakes are pretty popular here in the Philippines thanks to its burgeoning Chinese community, so it’s no surprise that many establishments would, around this time, create some sort of special menu item just to match the occasion. That’s where SM Megamall’s Mid-Autumn #MegaFoodWok comes in. The Mega Food Wok allows foodies to take a “walk” through six different establishments around SM Megamall’s newly-minted Mega Fashion Hall, where I must say there is a whopping number…