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    A Bûche de Noël to wish you a very merry Christmas

    There are several things I love about Christmas, and no they do not involve material presents. There’s the food, which is always a tad more abundant around this time of the year. I also love getting reunion invitations from friends I haven’t seen in years! But what I really honestly look forward to about Christmas is that especially magnified sense of contentment I always get. I’ve always felt like my year culminates during the Christmas holidays instead of the new year. I guess with all the excitement on New Year’s Eve I have difficulty finding that moment of solitude to really take in everything that I have around me, or…

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    {Christmas Countdown 2013} Just because lamingtons remind me of snow

    We’re only a few days away from Christmas now, and it is on a day like this more than on any day of the year I start thinking about snow. (Especially since the weather these past few days has been on the warm side!) I wonder what it’s like to have snow falling on your face, brushing past the tip of your nose like a silent kiss. I wonder how those tiny white specks feel rolling between fingers that try to catch them. Do they feel like sharp icicles or are they really as cottony soft as they look on television? I haven’t been fortunate enough to witness falling snow…

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    The angels sing about lime and pistachio

    In truth, the macaron was not the first “daunting” egg white recipe I made. It was actually this angel food cake that was so instrumental in boosting my confidence for making egg-white desserts. I made this about a week before my first macaron attempt, but I am only writing about it now because the excitement over my macaron success crashed into and basically obliterated everything else at the time. It didn’t seem fair to write about this in passing while riding the tide of excitement over the macarons. This particular angel food cake deserves more attention than that.

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    Yes, I’m actually a videogame nerd

    Well it’s not a secret, but it’s not something I get to discuss at length. I super love videogames. I love it so much I once made concept art for a game I had an idea for. (Also something you didn’t know about me, I love to draw!) When I was in high school, I played a ton of RPGs on the Playstation 2. Ahhh memories… The downside to RPGs is that it takes time and dedication to finish, and if you’re a perfectionist like me, you try to finish all the side-quests (eg. Finding all 101 Dalmatians in all the Kingdom Hearts games) and unlock all the bonuses, which…