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    Another Take Root Snacks Haul, another review

    I have no idea if you guys like healthy snacks enough to care about this review, but I think I may be a bit obsessed with Take Root Kale Chips. When I found out that they had come up with some new flavors, I immediately went to their website to make an order. Some people don’t like the taste of kale, but I really enjoy these chips for some reason. I probably would buy them more regularly were they cheaper, but sometimes your cravings just win over your frugality, you know?

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    Eat or Retreat: Take Root Healthy Snacks is taking off with my heart

    The answer is pretty obvious with the title: Take Root has won me over. I mean, I’m not saying that I adored every single thing that I tried from the box that I ordered, but for the most part I was utterly impressed. In fact, I wasn’t shocked at all to learn that they won a KATHA Award for Best New Snack Food in the recent IFEX Philippines for their line of veggie chips. I got really hooked on these chips myself.