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    The art of being okay + Lemon-Glazed Madeleines

    Lately my work life has been spiralling out of control. I am so exhausted every single day that I find very little motivation, let alone the energy, to do the things I love. When I come home, I take a shower and try to write or blog and before I can even come up with anything cohesive, my eyes either droop uncontrollably until I jolt into wakefulness in the middle of the night only to find out I had fallen asleep in front of the computer. Other times I simply set the computer aside in favour of sleep.

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    Lemon cakes and well wishes

    It was an incredibly dreary day when I made this, and yet I could not allow it to permeate the purpose of this cake. The summer weather has been odd, abruptly throwing rain in the middle of heat waves whenever it felt like it, like a child throwing a tantrum, or maybe a person splashing water into the face of another in the heat of an argument. Either way, the clouds had caused the sun to cast a dark gray sheen over everything, but thankfully not on our moods. Jason was holding my camera as I messily assembled his birthday cake. ‘Hurry up, will you!’ He told me as he…