Japan Travel Blog April 2015: Tokyo Skytree

Hi everyone! I’m back with the last few posts for my April 2015 Japan Travel Diaries, and these are going to be all about the places we visited in Tokyo. Honestly there isn’t a lot of them. We spent only two days here as something like a stopover because our plane leaves from Narita. But instead of being all mopey about it, I’ve made up my mind not to feel anything other than determined. I’ve settled myself with the notion that I’ll be coming back here in the next few years to explore some more, and we’ll see how that idea comes into fruition! Japan has always been one of my “dream countries” to travel to because I genuinely love its culture and even its language, and the fact that it’s becoming a mainstream tourist destination won’t stop me.

Tokyo 3 - Japan Travel Blog April 2015: Tokyo Skytree

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As Japan’s largest city, capital, main economic zone, and seat of government, Tokyo’s credentials are already pretty impressive on paper. It’s got the distinction of being the world’s most populated metropolis too; and thanks to the 50+ Fortune 500 companies that have made their home in the prefecture, the place is simply thriving with activity. Everywhere you turn someone’s hurrying off somewhere with a sense of purpose.

But you have to come here to understand just exactly what makes Tokyo such an unforgettable city to most people who have had the chance to thoroughly experience it. I know that most would say the most colourful aspect to Tokyo isn’t just its impressive infrastructures but the people, and even though I know in my heart that’s probably true I wish I had interesting stories to share about that.

To be honest, I didn’t get to interact too much with the people except I guess when I went shopping for a few hours in Odaiba, but one thing’s for sure: Here in Tokyo, there are SO MANY PEOPLE. The sidewalks are absolutely crawling with people all day long, and my favourite sort are the kindergarteners. They’re super adorable and some of the kids even pose for the camera! (Got one cheeky little boy in a video I’ll be sharing soon!)

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You might’ve wondered: Who are those men dressed in short-shorts? They really know how to catch the eye don’t they? These guys offer their expensive services to tour you around some parts of Tokyo in a jinrikisha (literally, a hand-pulled rickshaw).

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A big group of them is gathered right outside Asakusa Shrine waiting for any tourists who might be interested in the experience. They also very willingly take pictures with tourists. 😉

Anyway, we drove into Tokyo late in the morning so first thing we did was go to lunch. It’s this little place a few feet away from Asasuka Shrine’s gates, and I can’t remember the name of it but I sure as heck can point it out to you when I’m there haha! The meal is nowhere near as good as the kaiseki meals we had while in the more provincial prefectures of Japan, but it’s still got the same filling portions. After the meal it was time to head over to the highlight attraction of the day: TOKYO SKYTREE.

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