Our Lenten Table 2011: Part II + a Recipe

There was really more than one reason to get cooking this week other than Lent. April 22nd also happens to be my Mother’s Birthday! We didn’t go out to celebrate because my Dad was away, and since we were staying home, I decided to make something special for her instead. Initially, my youngest brother and I chose Red Velvet Cake, but we made her this Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting instead, because Carrot Cake is one of her favourites (as is mine). We then surprised her with the cake during the afternoon, sang her an out of tune birthday song and made her blow one measly candle. That’s what happens when you don’t want to poke too many holes on your masterpiece. Don’t shoot me, this was my first time to make and frost a layered cake and I thought it looked so pretty!

But more importantly, did she like the cake? The answer would be yes. And I like it too. Everybody thought it was a hit! It’s delicious. Try it. And try it cold. Trust me.
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Our Lenten Table 2011: Part I + a Recipe

Living in a house full of growing carnivores is a bit tough on someone who prefers fish and vegetables over pork or beef. It’s not that my brothers don’t eat fish and veggies, they just like meat better. Man’s meat, you know? Anyway, since Lent means no meat, it was my turn to jump for joy this time. While my Mother was busy cooking our special meal, I decided to join in on the fun and bake something vegetable-themed in the spirit of Lent. I came across this bread recipe a few weeks ago and it looked interesting to me because it contained zucchini, and… are you ready for this?


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