The Shelf

I have to confess: I have an addiction to books. Fiction books and cookbooks, to be specific. Heck, even notebooks! I collect them and like to leaf through them every so often, even mindlessly just to get a whiff of the words or the lovely photos. I have this delusion dream of one day building a library-cafe where people can read and relax and enjoy pastries with a good cup of joe. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll just build myself a giant library and fill it up.

I can’t wait!

My collection of cookbooks so far in the order of when I got them:



On the occasion that I find certain cookbooks interesting, but not quite enough to earn a place on my shelf, I settle for the digital eBook version instead. Here are the books I have on my eReader, along with the eBooks (most of which are celebrity cookbooks) some friends and loved ones were nice enough to send my way:


Below is my ever-changing wishlist. But because I am quite picky when it comes to cookbooks, researching thoroughly before I invest in one, this list might not be as long as most people would expect:

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